Executive Committee

The West End Football Club is managed by the Executive Committee. The committee is volunteer based and meets regularly to ensure the effective running of the club. If you have any feedback or would like to attend an upcoming committee meeting, please send us an email on our contact page.

President                         Jen Basham

Vice President                Jody Kreuger

Secretary                        Anne Carter

Treasurer                        Adrian Candaten

Player Registrar             Sean Kenny

Additional Committee Members

At the 2020 AGM, the following members were voted into non executive committee roles that aim to improve the clubs capabilities.

Merchandise Officer                                      Erica Padovan

Team Managers:

Over 30s Women                                              Erica Padovan

Div 1 Men                                                           Long Le

Div 3 Men                                                           Torren Kluss

Open Men                                                           Frank Compton

Over 35s Men                                                    Paul Kalokerinos

Over 35s Men                                                    Tony Coral

Over 45s Men                                                    Adrian Candaten