It’s National Volunteer Week!

By 14/05/2015Uncategorized

Our club is run solely on a Volunteer basis, we don’t always get to show our appreciation to the members who help out, chip in, and keep us going. They give their own time to running the club and making sure that it will keep going long in to the future.

This week is a good opportunity for us to stop and say a BIG THANK YOU to those people, no matter how big or how small their contribution has been.

There are about 6 million active volunteers in Australia currently and research show that these volunteers are happier as a result.

If you’d like to be a happier person and you have some time or skills that you would like to volunteer to the club, even if it’s just a ‘one off’ hour we would really appreciate any time that you could give.

Please email if you are interested or would like to chat.