Division 1 Party Sisters circa 2003

History of the Club


Birth of the Partisans

A bunch of blokes playing a social game at a disused rugby ground in West End decide it would be a good idea to form a soccer team. Permission was sought and found to tear down the rugby posts on Oval 2 at Davies Park West End. Soccer goalposts were bought and installed, and the Partisans were born. (Search Davies Park for a fascinating history of the field, no really, it is very interesting.) Our club colours Purple and Yellow reflect the design of the Sitting Duck Café, an old West End cafe and once popular haunt frequented by the team. The duck mascot also comes from the café, and the motto ‘RUN LIKE THE WIND’ reflected the similar running styles between the participants and ducks. Partisan is taken from the guerilla movement of the second world war. West End is always under cultural and economic threat, and team members feel a great loyalty and are protective of the area. This level of care for the community and each other in many ways reflects the style of play of the first few years.

The First Season 1995

Won a few, lost a few, made the semi-finals of Commercial League Division Two. Ciarron O’Reilly was sprung from jail on the morning of this classic encounter against “the Filth”, and played like a man who’d had two hours sleep in a cell. The team didn’t kill anyone throughout the year, although Daryl came close. Legendary rivalry with North Brisbane “The Filth” was born.

Victory, Triumph and Ridiculousness 1996

In only its second year, the team became Division 2 Commercial League champions. We lost only once during the regular season, when the championship was already in the bag. Particular joy was taken after a classic semi-final victory over the ‘Filth’. Despair after losing the grand final of the end of season knockout to our good friends Otis, after being two goals up. The team was truly formed after the “Game of Blood” against the Filth. This 3-2 victory guaranteed the championship.

Other highlights included the first one-day community seven-a-side comp organised by the club for local players, and an earth shattering 23 goals by Chris Sleight.

Threats, Defeats and the Fightback 1997

After the highs of ’97, the club had great expectations for the year. Unfortunately, results on the pitch, and events off the pitch put the club on a backfoot. Rearguard actions had to be undertaken to stave off attempts by Gridiron Queensland to take over the pitch, with the backing of South’s Rugby League and Brisbane City Council. The team did not successfully manage the transition to the higher league. The Community tournament was successfully again, with more teams and better organisation. The West End Dragons, a Vietnamese team sponsored by the club had its first season.

Consolidation and Commitment 1998

After the disappointments of ’97, the club rallied. Members returned from overseas, the playing staff consolidated, and the results showed on and off the pitch. The Partisans finished mid-table. The Community tournament was very successful, with more mens teams and this year featuring a womens tournament. Highlight of the year was coming back from 2-0 down to beat the ‘Filth’, a remarkable three goals in 15 minutes. The year was also marked by a tragic death on the field of a local man walking his dog. The goalpost fell on him as he was swinging. This caused the club to reassess its position. The club sought, and received incorporation.

Winning Ways and Women 1999

This was the first year for the women’s team, the Partisanistas, who in a remarkable achievement won the title in Church League Division 2. The Mens team got back to winning ways this year. In a close battle, we finished second in the league and won promotion to the newly formed Premier Division. The first soccer ball was held, the finance were straightened out. The club set about fundraising for new goalposts.

Changing Times 2000

The Partisanistas won their second straight league title, although as with the Partisans in 97’, could not quite pull off the grandfinal. The Partisans found the transition to Premier to be difficult, and finished a disappointing second last. New goalposts were bought, and unfortunately trashed by a hoon doing donuts on the pitch in his Mazda.

The last twenty years

We really need to get around to updating this, cause if you think the early years had stories, wait till you hear about the last 25! ….


The single Mens soccer team that competed in 1995 has expanded to 6 teams.  This includes two women’s teams. In 2023 we affiliated with Football Queensland and are looking forward to launching a kids program!

The Club welcomes all players of all ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds, and skill levels.